International Systems Engineering & Automation Company (IRISA) was established in 1992, with joint investment of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC), Iran International Engineering Company (IRITEC), and the Italian Companies of ILVA and GTI. With the privilege and support of more than 500 specialists, IRISA has been serving organizations, industries, governmental and private companies over the last 23 years. The Ministry of Industries and Mines as well as MSC’s managers were planning to use this accumulated investment of Technical and engineering knowledge based company to be dynamic and responsive to the needs of Mobarakeh Steel Co, in particular, and in the future steps, providing services to other steel industries as well as other related industries in Iran and abroad.

IRISA has obtained the highest ranking from country’s High Council of Informatics, in most of the fields of its activities, and is one of the most renowned and pioneer companies in the area of design, implementation, renovation projects, installation and commissioning of custom-made ERP systems, industrial automations, networking and infrastructure in Iran with experience of completing more than ……EPC and PC projects.


You ideas come alive with us

Creation of knowledge path and social value as well as formation of capital investment with the fundamental role in design, localization, and promotion of information and management systems, industrial automation and infrastructure of information technology, and corporate communications in large industries particularly in the steel industry, and presence in regional market with world-class indices, forms IRISA’s mission.

  • Prospering participation in the domestic and regional market.
  • Being recognized as one the top companies in information systems and management, industrial automation and IT infrastructure.
  • Establish appropriate relationships with large-scale industries, especially steel industries with the best quality.